1 vs 1 Chat

1 vs 1 chat : A roadway to making new friends easier

Did you know that there was a time when we could write letters to people far and even overseas and get to hear from them? I do not know what could be more exciting that this. But I do, the worst part or someone also the best part of making pen friends was the waiting period.

There are still apps for people who like waiting more like bottled but what about the other half? We have Tochato to the rescue. A 1v1 chat app that will let you make pen friends without waiting.

Does it let you make friends from as far as the other side of the world? Yes, it does.

Can you always keep in touch with the friends you make? Yes, you can through the platform itself.

Is there a cap on how many friends you can make in the 1v1 chat? No, there isn’t.

Will I have to pay to make friends? Only your internet bills unless you can get to your neighbor to share Wi-Fi password.

What will you do when texts are enough? A very good question, we have calls, both video and voice. You can send images, voice notes, GIFs.

I do not have a desktop, how will I use the chat? You can use Tochato’s 1v1 chat on any device that has a browser. Connecting to new people had never been this easy.

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