Greetings from the Chathub community! We’re a social network where you can meet new people by streaming live and engaging in real-time conversations with them. It’s all depends on what you want! That sounds about right, don’t you think? Things are about to improve.

Whether you’re looking to connect with people in your city or around the world, live chat on Chathub makes it simple to meet new people. Isn’t that great? We offer a Power Pack if you’d like an extra boost.

This week, Chathub has added a few new features.

Watch and listen to all of your favourite material from YouTube with your pals for even more pleasure. Music videos, vlogs, games, and even DIY videos can all be streamed.

Lenses are now available in conjunction with Snapchat! Try out the new filters via video chat by turning on your camera. You may show off your new look to your pals or even do a live show with it! Friendship is made a little more interesting by the addition of lenses.

Streaming is what we do, and we do it well! It’s possible to start a live video chat with up to 10 people and ask new friends to join you on chat hub. Sing, dance, share your day’s events, and communicate with the people you cherish through various means of communication, such as text messages.

To meet new people and re-establish contact with old ones, make use of the chat tool. You can talk to the individuals you’ve added or the live feeds themselves.

You can use this feature to find people in your area or from all over the world who share your interests and values. See if you can find anything in common by looking at their Hashtags. Go live and begin a discussion!

Is it in the arts or theatre? Is it in beauty or yoga? Is it in sports? Is it in music or dance? So you can focus on making friends, Chathub makes it easy to find and interact with people online from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The game To Be Honest (it’s time to get serious with this Q&A! ), guessing pictures in our hard drawing quiz Would You Rather, and letting them guess are all great ways to pass the time.

You can earn incentives by referring friends to Chathub via Snapchat or other social media sites. Everyone is welcome here since we are a diverse community that embraces it. Sharing is good for the soul.

You can meet new people for free on Chathub. You get to choose whether or not you want to use the app to connect with people you’ve never met before or your closest pals. You have the freedom to be yourself here! A subscription plan (more like a donation) is also available as an extra (Power Pack).

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