How we increased user retention by 186% with custom newsletters

Tochato is a website that offers users the opportunity to participate in online chat rooms over a wide range of topics. Before the implementation of tailored email newsletters, Tochato battled with low user retention rates. After their first visit to the site, only a tiny number of visitors returned to the site.

Tochato made the decision to experiment with sending customised email newsletters to its subscribers in an effort to increase the percentage of retained users. Based on the information gathered about the users’ course selections and activity on the site, the newsletters were personalised to cater to the unique interests and requirements of each individual user.

The customised emails were a great hit, as seen by the 186% increase in customer retention that they brought about. Tochato discovered that visitors who opted in to receive newsletters had a much increased likelihood of returning to the site and maintaining their level of participation with the material.

The success of the tailored newsletters may be attributed to a handful of critical elements to which they contributed. In the first place, the newsletters added value for the users by drawing attention to material and communities that were pertinent to the users’ areas of interest. Because of this, the users had a greater chance of interacting with the information and coming back to the site.

Second, the newsletters were tailored to the recipients’ specific interests and interests only, making them more successful than general newsletters. Tochato was able to strengthen its relationship with its users and boost the users’ loyalty to the site by providing the users with content that was specifically tailored to their interests.

Last but not least, customers were reminded about Tochato on a consistent basis thanks to the newsletters, which were sent out on a regular basis. Tochato was successful in retaining a large number of users and keeping a high level of engagement by providing them with constant value and keeping in contact with them.

In general, the tailored email newsletters were an effective strategy for boosting the amount of time that Tochato users stayed with the platform. Tochato was able to build a strong connection with its users and drive a significant increase in the amount of users who chose to remain active on the platform as a result of the platform’s ability to provide value, tailor the content to the specific interests of the users, and maintain regular contact with the users.

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